The diploma program canceled on 20.Jan.2016


"SP9YFF Astronomical Observatories Expeditions" Award

The SP9YFF Astronomical Observatories Expeditions Award is issued for confirmed QSO/SWL reports with SP9YFF station. SP9YFF station  works from observatories under the 

      wao 01 

Expedition list:

Astronomical Observatories (SPAO Number) www Date Log's
SPAO-007 link 16.05.2010 LOG
SPAO-016 link 05.11.2011 LOG
SPAO-008 link 07.12.2011 LOG

SWLs, after sending application, please send an e-mail to Award Manager with full correspondent's QSO data, including number of SPAO reference.

There are 3 Classes of Award:

Class III

- 1 confirmed AO Expeditions by SP9YFF

Class II

- 2 confirmed AO Expeditions by SP9YFF

Class I

- 3 confirmed AO Expeditions by SP9YFF

All diplomas are issued free of charge in digital form.

You will receive your diploma as a good quality *.jpg file. 

Congratulations to all Winners !!!

AO Award Manager SP9YFF - Krystian SQ4HRX  

astronomical observatories expeditions award 3 20131124 1431397411  CLASS III
 astronomical observatories expeditions award 2 20131124 1358763182 CLASS II
 astronomical observatories expeditions award 1 20131124 1260245595 CLASS I

We would like to thank Krystian SQ4HRX daro new Adam SP9OHP for help with creating the award program.